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The Chaos Blossoms

The Chaos Blossoms is the latest musical endeavor for Trish Applegate, Robby Layton and Chris Dropinski.  The trio  fuses rich harmonies, seasoned musicianship, and the joy of friendship to create fun and energetic performances. With no one of the trio serving as "lead", the group of friends takes turns leading on well known covers and originals.  With palpable enthusiasm, The Chaos Blossoms will have audiences grooving in their seats and leaving with smiles on their faces. The trio is  eager to bring their unique sound to a venue near you!  


Trish Applegate

Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Hand Percussion  

Chris Dropinski

Vocals / Ukelele / Hans Percussion

Robby Layton

Vocals / Guitar 

Contact & Booking

For more information, or to book The Chaos Blossoms, you can reach us as follows:


Call/Text: 303-907-7287

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