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Trish Applegate is a Colorado based singer songwriter whose original music brings and eclectic mix of pop, rock, R&B and soul. With lyrics that claw at the emotions and move the mind, her melodies and riffs worm their way into the ears and take listeners on a musical and emotional journey. 




  • Craig Cornett and the Phast & Wreckles

  • David Coile  

  •  Tim Ostdiek

  • Antonio Lopez

  •  Jeanne McAdara

  • Sonic au Naturale

  • Finding Phoenix


Booking Inquiries


call/text: 303-907-7287

Trish Headshot.png

Trish has performed across the Front       

Range, both as a solo act as well as the 

current front for the rock band As You Wish. She has also brought her vocal talents to numerous local acts, providing backing vocals for live performances and recording projects. 

  • Still Cellars

  • Java Stop 

  • Grossen Bart

  • 300 Suns

Media Credits

  • The Social Dilemma  - movie soundtrack

  •  Roots & Wings (Antonio Lopez)   Backing vocal on "Going to the City"

  • Sylva Music Video - Performed and backing vocals on recording

  • Wishawaka Music Fest 

  • Music in the Streets (Longmont, CO)

  • O’Sullivan’s Courthouse Pub (Ireland)

  • The WheelHouse (Niwot, CO)

  • The Stone Cup (Lyons, CO)

  • Lefthand Brewing

  • The Magic Rat (Fort Collins) 

  • Comfy Couch Performance Circle

  • Bootstrap Brewing  

Trish - Still Cellars 2019_edited.jpg

Quick View

Genre: Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Pop-Rock

Primary Instrumentation: Vocal, Electric or Acoustic Guitar

Accompaniment (Optional): Bass, Drums, Lead Guitar, Keyboard

Topics: Relationship Complexities, 

Empowerment, Self Discovery, Modern Life Struggles. Social Observation, Grief & Loss,  Betrayal, Dogs,  Socio-political commentary

Frustration, Anxiety, Mental Illness, Drug Addiction,

Influences: Led Zepplin, Queen, Barefoot Truth, John Butler Trio, Billy Shaddox, Lady Gaga, MIke Oldfield, Disco, Funk, System of a Down, Adam Lambert, Queen, Asia

Bio & Background

Compulsively harmonizing since she was a kid, annoying her brother to the point that "Stop harmonizing!" became a common household refrain, Trish was born into a love for music. Although never making a career or serious hobby of music in the early part of her adult life, when life found her moving to Longmont in 2015, the thriving local music scene ignited a dormant passion, setting her on the path to becoming a singer-songwriter. Deeply inspired by local artists such as Billy Shaddox. Bonnie Sims, Moors & McCumber, Antonio Lopez, Tim Ostdiek, David Coile and Oliver Jacobson, Trish tried her hand at the fiddle and mandolin before settling on the guitar. Her first original song came in 2017 inspired by frustrations with her husband, and she soon discovered how much satisfaction she found in tuning into thoughts, challenges and joys and expressing herself through music.  Alive with excitement over the real and tangible benefits that music could have in the lives of those facing many types of challenges, Trish co-founded Sound Bridge Music, a local music based non-profit that sought to connect local musicians with the community. Trish went on to provide her "savant-like" harmonizing skills to lend backing vocals to several local bands and collaborations, and currently the former front person for As you Wish and as well as a backing vocalist for the David Coile Detachment. Trish currently is performing solo as well as under the band name Applegate. 

 Ever-present in the landscape of Trish's life & music are the social and practical challenges she faces due to a progressive degenerative retinal disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa which has left her legally blind with little functional vision. Although her situation creates many obstacles, her beautiful German Shepherd guide dog Drew eases her mobility issues and is her ever-present companion, partner in crime and performance.  Trish credits her disability for the opportunity to be more compassionate, patient and accepting of bother herself and others.  


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Trish Headshot.png
Trish - Still Cellars 2019_edited.jpg


"Into the Sunshine" 
Grossen Bart Brewing
Longmont, CO

Performed with As You Wish
The Wheelhouse
Niwot, CO

Performed with As You Wish
The Magic Rat
Fort Collins, CO

"Not the Only One" 
Performed with As You Wish
Wishawaka! Music Fest
Longmont, CO

"Auld Lang Syne" 
Grossen Bart Brewing

Longmont, CO

"You're My Best Friend" 
Performed with Jordan Bass
Still Cellars
Longmont, CO

"Shoot It" 
Backing Vocals for David Coile
Still Cellars
Longmont, CO


Let It OutTrish Applegate
00:00 / 05:08
ButterflyTrish Applegate
00:00 / 04:57
Not the Only OneTrish Applegate
00:00 / 04:37
3 AMTrish Applegate
00:00 / 04:08
The MirrorAs You Wish / Trish Applegate
00:00 / 04:12
RainAs You Wish / Trish Applegate
00:00 / 04:57
Over & OverAs You Wish / Trish Applegate
00:00 / 04:02
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