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Performer Bios

We are so very excited to welcome 7 home-grown bands and musicians to the 2023 Wishawaka! Music Fest!  Take a moment to learn more about these fantastic folks! In alphabetical order:

Applegate Band Photo.jpg


One of the most dynamic new bands to come out of the Colorado music scene, Applegate fuses seasoned musicianship with unfettered emotion with their unique blend of pop, indie-rock and blues, leaving audiences inspired and engaged. After being sidelined by the pandemic, Applegate is eager to bring their unique blend of rock, blues and jazz to a venue near you!  

Cheyenne Dane

Cheyenne Dane is a singer-sonwriter and virtuoso of the 6/6 cross strung harp - a fully chromatic harp lacking levers or mechanisms of any kind.  Cheyenne brings an ethereal quality to covers and her original music engages the heart and mind and takes the listener on an emotional journey.  More recently Cheyenne has been learning to play and write songs on steel tonguepan drums. Cheyenne will be joined by David Coile for a few songs they have cowritten.

Cheyenne Dane.jpg
Cheyenne Dane
David Coile.JPG

David Coile Ensemble

After quitting his full-time job, David has spent the last decade as a singer-songwriter in the Boulder-Denver-Front Range scene, blending an affinity for storytelling and catchy hooks with a booming voice and unique finger-style guitar.  Creatively restless, David works within a broad range of styles and themes: from folk and pop to funk and punk, with songs about love, childhood, photography, beards, car washes, and the end of the world. 

David Coile

Finding Phoenix

Finding Phoenix is an acoustic band that shares heartfelt, honest originals combined with a few favorite covers, They believe is is always possible to rise above your ashes to do what you love!

Finding Phoenix.jpg
Finding Pheonix


GregJ's musical philosophy is simple: "Writing and playing music that resonates is not rocket science – I just follow my heart and let the music flow." This mantra reflects his approach to composition, one that relies on authenticity, emotion, and an unwavering connection to the core of his being. Each strum, each lyric, and each note bear the imprint of his genuine passion, making his compositions not just songs, but profound expressions of the human experience.


Think Twice!

Robby Layton and Teresa Penbrooke have been writing songs together and performing them in various bands and ensembles since 2005. Their work blends the musical genres of multiple eras, but always reveals a love of solid vocal harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, and a good beat. Think Twice is the primary outlet for their work as a duo, but they also form the core of the Good Schemers trio and the band GhostBridge, in addition to collaborations with other artists.

Think Twice.jpg
Teresa Storch.webp

Teresa Storch & Peter Lacis

When you experience Teresa Storch & Peter Lacis, you first feel the solid, rhythmic energy: the pulse of a meditative ballad or the infectious groove of a jam-rock tune. Next, you notice the catchy, guitar-laden melodies. As your ears dig deeper you’ll find the lyrics pulling at your heart and soul. This is what happens when a singer/songwriter from the Boston area creates music with an electric guitarist from the New Jersey jam scene.



Bring your instruments & join the fun. All skill levels are welcome so don't be shy!

Music Jam.jpg
Open Jam
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